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    Guild Defined
    A guild is an association of people of the same trade or pursuits (with a similar skill or craft), formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards of morality or conduct.

    Immortal Guild:

    Immortal is the tree from which our branches will extend, from this world to all the others of our choosing. We are Immortal, our branches may wither and die but the tree shall live on and grow new branches. We are The Order that has now become Immortal.


    This guild is an extension of our real life consisting of people who we have known and played with for days, months, and years. These are our friends whom we share much of what happens to us on a daily basis, people we have grown close to and hold ties to, who have become life- long friends, and in a sense a second home to many. We are.. Immortal.

    We come from Asheron's Call, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, Horizons, Everquest and Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Age of Conan, Aion and Final Fantasy and we will go to many, many more yet to come.

    Immortal is a guild of friends, for many of us these friends are as close to us as anyone we know in our so called real lives. Is not someone you know only through text or voice chat real? We say they are. Among us you will find every sort of gamer you could think of, hardcore, casual, hardcore-casual (yes, hardcore-casual is a type of gamer that plays as much as the hardcore but is more focused on the relationships with his/her guild-mates and finds the joy of the game from being with and helping them). We are as diverse as the modern world, with members spanning the globe and with that diversity we must also understand that not everyone will agree with our own thoughts, and we may not agree with theirs, but we all must understand that is what makes us each who we are. We all share something more important than race, religion or blood, we share Life. Immortal is a mixture of all types of people and we shouldn't have it any other way.We support each other just like a close-knit family would. We laugh, we cry and we hold one another in high regard. We stand up for one another and we will fight to the death for each other. We are.. Immortal.

    Our Gaming History:

    Founded in December 2002, Immortal started in a very interesting manner. The main founding members (Zed, Izbane mainly with some others like Dibby, Sweetn, Alkith) were in many different games, from Ultima Online, Asheron's Call 1 to Everquest. It was only in Asheron's Call 2 that 'The Order' was formed and this name followed the guild until 2005 when 'The Order' became 'Immortal'.

    The early years:

    In Asherons Call; The Order was a dominant Force that always had fun. In Shadowbane; we controlled our own fate with a small crew. In Star Wars Galaxies; we were a dedicated guild that did our best to have fun while maintaining order and organization. In Horizons; our guild was instrumental in freeing two captive races and assisting in the rebuilding of an entire ruin. Vanguard; our guild acquired a guild plot and had a city of Immortals on an Island. We were responsible for many server first defeats of Bosses. Always looking out for new content, Immortal has also ventured into the realm of J.R.R Tolkien and Lord of the Rings Online. In LoTRO; We have a good collection of player houses as well and a small community has popped up near the guild house, with other smaller communities in Shire Housing. Being players of diverse game styles and preferences, Immortal has also ventured into Hellgate: London as well as Tabula Rasa. Members are also free to explore other non-official chapters of Immortal like Team Fortress 2 and Second Life; and of course not forgetting the ever-pervasive Console Games!

    Immortal - World of Warcraft:

    The guild environment in World of Warcraft began as a mixture of both casual and hard-core. When we reformed the chapter (the conversion from “The Order” to “Immortal”), we started out as a group of individuals wanting to see cool and exciting content in our game. Throughout our almost 6 years of existence in WoW, we have seen many new faces but have never lost our focus on family and fun first ideology. We've been on the Lightbringer server since beta and have gained membership from all parts of the world; from Asia to Australia, to Europe, Canada and the U.S. This diversity has helped to shape us into a leading guild, at one time having two separate 40man raid teams (one Oceanic and one Pacific which competed to push content while providing help to each other) to our current single core; 25man raiding team and 3 additional 10m Raid Teams. We have an intelligent core of committed, talented, and knowledgeable members that have been playing together for more than four years and we continue to grow this family of Immortal by adding new talent every day. We have a dedicated Guild Master, Backfatt, as well as a brilliant council of officers (Jaymzkerten, Desaalynne, Raeff, Thalastor and Shingo).

    In classic WoW, we were one of the 5 guilds on the server to defeat C'thun, and the only guild on the server to have two teams killing Twin Emperor's in AQ40. In The Burning Crusade, we cleared Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, and then moved into The Sunwell Plateau; In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we cleared all content on normal 25m Raids and are currently 11/12 hard-modes in Ice Crown Citadel. In Cataclysm – “Rage of the Fire-Lands”, we have began restructuring our raid teams to fit individual schedules and are currently 4/7 normal modes between all of our teams.

    We take raiding seriously however the most important aspect to us is the quality of time spent together. Our Raid Leaders, Bellanca, Jaymzkerten, Violators and Shingo along with Natezup; do a great job taking time to manage every aspect of the raid and also to develop easy to learn and effective strategies to be successful with our limited but progressive raid schedule. We are a mature raiding guild always looking for exceptional players with the skills and qualities to help us push through any encounter. We aim to have a respectful and drama free, raid and guild environment.

    Immortal – Rift:

    Rift is a solid MMO which released in March of 2011. Rift takes successful aspects of some of our favorite past MMOs and combine them into what is turning out to be a very successful MMO. Immortal has established a solid Rift chapter and is currently recruiting raid members for various raid teams. If you are interested in joining the Immortal Rift Chapter, please contact Grazskin, Jainelle, Gardanis, Duraxe or Elderic in game for further details.

    The Future:

    Immortal is first and foremost a gaming guild. And one of the responsibilities of a gaming guild is to provide a solid foundation so members are free to actually play games. Critical to building this solid foundation is the decision making process surrounding entering new games with a new Immortal Chapter. We soon we look forward to beginning a new chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic, both very promising MMOs which will allow Immortal to propel to even greater heights of gaming achievements.

    Immortal’s Goals:

    Our hope for Immortal is that we as a gaming guild can accommodate all of our play styles and stay a strong presence in the gaming community. We need to continue to develop leadership that will help us reach our potential to be the best and people that understand that we all play differently with different personal goals in mind. Our leaders must be truly neutral when dealing with conflicts inside our guild. Our members must accept that others have views different from their own, so as not to put our leaders in tough situations where they must decide who or what is right or wrong. We must remember that we are Family. Our leaders within any game we play always have a tough job. Ask anyone who is or has ever been an Officer or GM in any game; it is not an easy task. Officers are keepers of the peace, guild goal setters and our 2nd greatest asset. We as members must do everything we can to make their jobs easier; we must strive to do what is right even when we are stubborn and irrational. Members are the greatest asset a guild has, for without members, there is no guild.

    Pronunciation: \(?)i-'mo?r-t?l\
    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin immortalis, from in- + mortalis mortal
    Date: 14th century
    1 : exempt from death
    2 : exempt from oblivion