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  • The Countdown.

    Hello Everyone Roco here.
    So its that time again, we are coming to the end of an Xpac and Panda's are about to take over.
    With every xpac we are faced with many new challenges and exciting events.

    This Xpac is going to be like no other.
    With Many in Game changes we have many guild changes to complement its unique design.
    We as a guild are going to be able to progress like never before.

    For our members there will be guides to help get through the lvling process faster.
    Our Raid team's will unprecedented resources to help in the gearing process.
    and thanks to the boys and girl's at blizzard many of us will have been progressing through beta to give us that little extra head start.

    Remember guys Keep an eye out for the Mists of Pandaria info.
    many of which will be posted tonight / this morning at