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  • SWARM at US/World 27th. 3/6 down!

    SWARM is back in action! One day into the new raids and already we're setting records.

    World/US 27th as of this posting. 3/6 bosses down, with more to come tomorrow.

    The Stone Guard gave us the most trouble, requiring a delicate balance of boss Energy Management and quick tank swapping. Feng the Accursed went down with no trouble at all. And that left Gara'jal the Spirit Binder ... who was one of the most fun DPS checks I've seen in a while.

    I'm so glad they brought back T11 levels of difficulty, and I'm looking forward to seeing how we fare in the Heroic Race once normal modes are done.

    Stay tuned for more updates this week! We've got our eye on you, Will of the Emperor ...